Jun 06


Rising Fist Martial Arts is the premiere martial arts school in the Lenape Valley region.  We instruct students of all ages in Isshinryu Karate, Kodokan Judo, Okinawan Kobudo, and practical self defense techniques.



Rising Fist was founded in June, 2011 by Sensei Dan Wallace and Sensei Andrew West, fulfilling a dream ten years in the making.  The pair quickly gained an enthusiastic student base, instructing children and adults in the ways of fitness, self defense, and the martial arts lifestyle.  Sensei Wallace and Sensei West were soon joined as well by Sensei Wallace’s then-fiance and fellow black belt, Jackie Wallace, who now has two classes of her own at the dojo.  Visit our Instructors Page to learn more about our staff!








In addition to your usual martial arts endeavors, Rising Fist also strives to be a positive force in the local community, holding family fun nights, sleepovers, and putting on fun demonstrations at local community events and street fairs.  If you ever see us out
and about, don’t be shy, come say hi!  If you’re lucky, you might even get to attempt one of our “Feats of Strength!”



Above all else, we welcome you to come down to the dojo, try out a free class, and see the rewards of the martial arts lifestyle for yourself.  Thanks for stopping by!

-Sensei Wallace, Sensei West, and Sensei Wallace