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Phone: (862) 812-5291

Address: Quick Check Plaza 17 Rt. 206, Stanhope, NJ 07874

Feel free to call or email us any time, or stop by during any class time to personally meet with our instructors!

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  1. Anna

    i saw you guys at netcong day and i was blown away.. you guys have made me interested in karate! <3

    1. MrWallace

      Thanks so much for coming out to see us! Feel free to stop by the dojo any time during class hours and say hi!

  2. Christine


    What are the prices for the Junior and Senior classes? Also, my older son is ADHD and I was wondering what you do to help with that.


    1. MrWallace

      Classes are $70 a month for the junior and senior classes. We’ve got experience working with ADHD kids (my own 7 year old son has ADHD and takes classes on Tuesday/Saturday.) Generally speaking, we stay active enough and varied enough to hold their interests, but still require enough discipline to help them push their boundaries a bit and learn good techniques to build their focus.

      We’ve had all of our parents with ADHD children notice a marked improvement both in and out of the dojo as their kids have studied the martial arts, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      Mr. Wallace

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