Dan Wallace

Sensei Wallace has been studying the martial arts since he was three years old.  He started as a student of Goshin-do karate, before migrating to Jersey
Judo Karate Academy when he turned eight to begin training in Isshinryu Karate and Kodokan Judo.  He has since obtained his San-Dan(third degree) black belt rank in Isshinryu Karate, and holds a Sankyu(brown belt) rank in Judo, as well as taking classes in Kung Fu, Xingyi Quan, Tai Chi, and Ninjutsu.  He is a competitive fighter and tournament competitor, but his favorite thing is teaching, coming up with inventive new approaches to learning the martial arts.


Andy West

Sensei West began studying Isshinryu Karate when he was seven years old at Jersey Judo Karate Academy.  He quickly picked up on the concepts of karate, and took them to heart. A few years later he started Kodokan Judo and realized that the two styles of martial arts go hand in hand perfectly with each other. He currently holds a Yonkyu rank (green belt) in Judo. After studying for 8 years and making Shodan (1st degree blackbelt), Mr. West began competing in Kobudo (Isshinryu Okinawan Weaponry), demonstrating a high proficiency in the art and winning several awards. Now as a San-dan (3rd degree blackbelt) he runs seminars and classes, and uses his karate knowledge to help with many local charities and his community. Mr. West strongly believes in the benefits that the martial arts  provide and recommends that everyone give them a try. The martial arts are the universal language for everyone, young and old.


 Jackie Wallace

At the age of fourteen, Sensei Wallace entered into the world of martial arts with plenty of trepidations.  After being forced to go to class as a teenager by her mother and learning how to make completely new friends; she soon found herself opening up and becoming a new and more adventurous person.  Sensei Wallace earned her first black belt rank at in 2007 and has been an instructor of the martial arts ever since.  She was the pee-wee instructor at Golden Rule Karate and is currently an assistant karate instructor at Camp Jefferson.  Sensei Wallace is the head instructor for the Wednesday night class and Saturday morning class at Rising Fist Martial Arts.  She is a Ni-dan (2nd degree blackbelt) in Isshinryu karate and continuously working towards her next rank. 


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